About Grupo Biomayan

We are a Mexican company with more than 30 years of experience in products for the care of skin.

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We are dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of biodegradable products of the highest quality. In Biomayan, we are concerned by contributing to the conservation and preservation of coral reefs as well as the life of the organisms that inhabit it. For this reason, we work only with natural ingredients which protect our skin as well as the different ecosystems which surround them.

Our products are handmade in a traditional manner, however we combine technology with ecology to be able to offer a product that helps to protect your skin with stricter quality control.

For us it is of vital importance the preservation and well-being of the Mayan culture by what we are involved in the support to marginalized communities especially to children who are the future of our society and also the most defenseless. Biomayan makes donations in relation to their monthly sales to a civil association non-profit called, "SAVE THE CHILDREN" We also collect books, toys, clothes and medicine in favor of kid´s shelters and schools.

We invite you to try our products and to take care of the world in which we live.

Thank you trusting BIOMAYAN.


Manufacture and market biodegradable products of the highest international quality standards. Supporting Mayan communities with our sales and at the same time build awareness of the need for environmental protection through the use of organic products, promoting employment and economic well-being of our employees and partners.


To be a leader in biodegradable products industry and the best in skin care, with an international presence, financial strength and additional revenues related to green products.

A company known for its customer service, competitiveness, product quality, staff capacity and implementation of sustainable development criteria.


Be authentic.
Doing things right the first time.
What happens is in you.
Committed to ecology and culture.
Encourage collective growth.
The commitment and strength for a better tomorrow.
The constant development of our brands.