Responsible Company

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  • Natural
  • Ambiental
  • Mundo Limpio
  • Biodegradable
  • Ecológico
  • Respondabilidad Social
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  • Empresa Socialmente Responsable

In an effort to support the Mayan communities and particularly to the younger generations who will live a totally different world that we have today, we became partners with the International Association “Save the Children” Quintana Roo, Mexico, donating $ .50 cents for each biodegradable sun block sold. Doing our part and helping to raise awareness of a better world for them. Its noteworthy that at least 30% of our raw material is purchased from the Mayan community. They also produce displays for our clients.

We support with donations, volunteering and talks at “Ciudad de la Alegria Cancun” and in the playroom for kids Colosio in Playa del Carmen.