Frequently asked questions

How to choose a sunscreen?

You should consider the color of your skin; this determines whether it is more sensitive to sun exposure.
• If you are fair skinned, we suggest the use sunscreen factor KIIN SUN 50 SPF. Apply every hour in normal conditions, if you're swimming or perspiring a lot, apply abundant protecting body, face, ears and feet every 45 min.
• If you clear brown skin, we suggest using sunscreen factor KIIN SUN 50 SPF. Apply every 1:30 min in normal, if you're swimming or perspiring a lot, apply abundant protecting body, face, ears and feet every hour.
• If you are dark skinned, we suggest the use of sunscreen factor KIIN SUN 30 SPF. Apply every 1:30 min in normal, if you're swimming or perspiring a lot, apply abundant protecting body, face, ears and feet every hour.

What does SPF or FPS mean?

Sun Protection Factor or SPF indicates the degree of care that gives a sunscreen to your skin. The number expresses how long the sun screen is protecting your skin without burning.

What are the types of sunscreen KIIN SUN?

SPF or SPF 30: A regular protection. You can use people with brown skin and dark.
SPF or SPF 50: It is recommended to obtain adequate sun protection for fair skin and children.

If there is any establishment near my location How can I get KIIN SUN?

In the sales section find contact details, send your details and your request, a representative will gladly get in touch to assist you and send your product by courier of your choice. Remember; there is a business opportunity for you.

What makes KIIN SUN biodegradable and eco-friendly?

The ingredients used in KIIN SUN are micronized titanium oxide and zinc oxide ​​. These ingredients are considered as best sunscreens that do not remain on the surface of water bodies. When released into a liquid surface, tend to go to the bottom of the seabed, allowing the entry of the sun, which does NOT affect the photosynthesis of marine flora and fauna, not affecting the natural balance of the marine ecosystem.

Are zinc oxide and titanium effective against oxide UVA and UVB?

Products containing micronized zinc oxide and titanium oxide provide better protection against UVA and UVB radiation and the chemical structure and its high whiteness, reflects sunlight better than any other mineral. Zinc oxide prevents skin irritation for its alkaline properties. Titanium oxide and zinc oxide are entirely physical sunscreen, which offer significant hydrophobic characteristics for outdoor activities because it is resistant to water and perspiration.

Which ingredients on sunscreens are not allowed in ecological parks?

There are many, those who are considered highly polluting and are used very often by trade marks are:
• Octocrileno
• Benzofenonas
• Butil Metoxidibensoilmetano
• Hexilodecanol
• Dimetil apramida
• Metilparanbeno
• Polietileno
• Propilparabeno
• Butilcarbamato
• Etilhexila
• Homosalato
• Octil Salicilato
• Octil Metoxicinamato
• Octinoxato
• Oxibenzona
Therefore we recommend that you always verify labels before purchasing sunscreen or any other skin care product.

It is true that sunscreen reduces aging?

Indeed sunscreen reduces aging. It turns out that sunscreen does more than protect you from cancer and painful burns: also promotes simple vanity. In a new study found that regular use of sunscreen protects against photo-aging: wrinkles, spots and loss of elasticity caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Why use KIIN SUN biodegradable sunscreen?

Unlike other commercial brands, KIIN SUN is formulated with ingredients friendly to flora and fauna. What sets us apart with other brands is basically that we use of natural ingredients, our product does not pollute and is degraded in the environment in less time. For each product sell we donate $ .50 to Save the Children Foundation to support Mayan communities as well as playgrounds.

Where I can buy KIIN SUN?

SALES tab of this site you will find a list of facilities and their locations. Visit the closest to you. Or you we cand send it to your home by courier.

I would like to distribute or sell KIINSUN. What can I do?

Sales tab of this site you will find the contact for sales to distributors and wholesalers.

Some recommendations:

• Avoid sun exposure between 10:00 and 15:00 hours, because ultraviolet rays are strongest. Adults should include sunscreen in your daily regimen of skin care, even if going outdoors for a short time.
 • Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before sun exposure. Then reapply every hour to hour and 30 minutes while outdoors
• Apply each time you exercise or go swimming.
The amount of sunscreen will vary according to the body surface, it is estimated that for an average adult requires about 35 ml. including ears and feet.
• Select sunscreens preferably with SPF greater than 30 and water resistant. If they mention the word children or infants are generally more appropriate.
• Insect repellents reduce the effects of protective factors. Use a higher SPF and frequently when using the bug spray together with sunscreen.