In an effort to support Mayan communities and in particular the younger generations who will live a world totally different from what we have today, it is important to take care of our culture as well as our natural resources. Thats why Grupo Biomayan has strategic alliances with non-profit associations dedicated to promoting the health of coral reefs and preserving their status, Kiinsun products are neither polluting nor harmful to human use or marine life. We try to do our part to help raise awareness of a healthier world for future generations. It is important to mention that at least 30% of our raw material is purchased from the Mayan community.

We support with donations, volunteering and talks at "La casa de la mujer", "Ciudad de la alegría Cancún", as well as in the toy libraries. We actively participate with the Civil Association "Entorno vivo" carrying out concrete actions in schools, community, clubs, etc. Teaching children and adults to prepare compost, solar stoves, reforesting common areas in schools and grounds for family recreation such as parks and gardens.

Si quieres participar con donativos o unirte activamente a alguno de estos programas puedes pedir informes a: